Best Advice..Friend Makin' Monday

I normally don't do two posts in one day but couldn't resist this "challenge". I tuned into Kasey's blog All That is Good where every Monday a question is posed for you to answer to get to know other bloggers...Friend Makin' Monday. Head on over and check out some of the responses...they are all thought provoking and some humorous, too! Great idea and the question for Monday is also a good one.

What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

Now that is really a thought provoking question for in my old age..haha..I have been told many words of wisdom that I try to live by. My Father always told me to live for the moment. Don't worry about yesterday, tomorrow...just right now. When everything seems to be swirling around me and I just don't know which way to turn, I remember this phrase. It really puts thing in perspective and also has let me prioritize what needs to be. Not easy to live by because we all get caught up in what if's and I should have's. So many times I have just let that moment go and it will never happen I try to just enjoy everything!

What's the best advice you've ever received?


jennykate77 said…
Living in the moment, in the now, is great advice!

Hope you have a great Monday!!
My dad told me that relationships are like savings accounts. We make withdrawals and deposits. Hopefully there is always enough savings to cover the withdrawals.

Simple but true.
drollgirl said…
ack!!! that is such good advice that i normally don't heed! i need to work harder at this for sure.

and i have to think a while to come up with the best advice i have ever received. humph!
Vivienne said…
Oh my gosh, it is soooo hard for me to live in the moment. Whatever I am doing, it seems I am thinking about what already happened, or what hasn't happened yet, but needs to. My husband is always telling me to be "more in the moment."

I will take your advice and try. As soon as I do some laundry, defrost a roast for dinner....

I will try.
Have a great day.
Judy said…
My very dear sister says "just flap your wings" meaning to let it go. I find myself repeating that many times.

That is also the name of my second etsy shop.
Missy said…
I cannot remember because I apparently never took any good advice! LOL
Rhonda said…
That is great advice! Thanks for the reminder! Have a great week!
Jeanneoli said…
If you ever loan ok about not getting it back.
Britwife said…
My mom is always telling me to let the kids be kids, and not to make them grow up too fast. To let them get dirty, and play, play, play.
Xazmin said…
That is such good advice. I need to try to live by it more!

Great advice -- Living in the moment just makes life more exciting!
jenjen said…
Hi Alicia!
So nice to meet you! Great advice. I think it's easy to be so concerned about tomorrow that we fail to appreciate what's happening today.

Thanks for the reminder!

Kelli said…
This is advice I need to follow. I think it would help with my worrying.
littlebyrd said…
Everything happens for a reason. It always makes me feel better when it is an absolute s$#@ time happening :)
Sandra said…
Don't lose your temper with a horse. One of my horses tested that advice yesterday. So the advice is on my mind.
Less is more
applicable in so many ways
Being sick, that is one thing that I have had to change. Now I try to live in the moment because I don't know whats going to happen from minute to minute and day to day.

Hm. The best advice I could have been given was everything happens for a reason so there is no room for anger or regret. It would have happened that way whether you tried to stop it or not.

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