Whoot! Blue & Gold Vintage Rules!

It was blizzarding all day yesterday and is still going strong this morning with well over a foot of new snow. Just when we were actually beginning to see a little green grass around. Oh well...spring will eventually come. I think it's on the calendar??? So much for global warming in this area!

A huge thank you goes out to Lori at Fabricated Family for including our Deco necklace in her Blue & Gold vintage treasury! A beautiful treasury with uniform color. So if the spirit moves, head on over and post a comment. Big question for you techie bloggers...how do you get a thumbnail of a treasury on your blog?
Now I need to add a huge thank you for those that have already posted how to get the treasury downloaded. Here it is and many, many thanks!!!

And another whoot goes out to Altered Vintage for selling the gorgeous picture frame from a viewer of yesterday's post. Good things are on the horizon!


NODtoMOD said…
the color scheme on the treasury is perfect! your necklace stands out and is sooo cool!:) im sick of snow too...i have my beach bunny bathing suits all out and ready to wear!:( xoxo
That necklace is stunning!

In Chicago, March came in like a lion (snow) and went out like a lion (snow again). My poor 4" tulip stems are shivering!
Lindsey said…
You need to take a screenshot to capture the treasury as a picture. Assuming you are using Windows, you will need to press Alt-PrintScreen to capture an image of the browser window and store it in the Windows clipboard. Then open an image program to paste the image.

There's also a website that will take a screenshot for you: www.thumbalizr.com
Hi, there! We love treasuries!

try this:
*go to your treasury
*center the treasury the way you like it
*PrtSc (button above backspace)
(I'm assuming you have pc not mac)
*Go to "Paint" and PASTE
*Save it to your photo editing prog
*Edit and then upload

Let me know how this goes! There's probably a better way, but this one works for me.
Amariah said…
weather is weird here in central Illinois. We had snow on Sunday and it was 60 degrees on Monday. Hopefully you won't get any more snow!
Hello Lindello said…
We're getting a blizzard here too! Ugh. I'm so sick of the snow, but its always fun to watch I guess. Hopefully it will all melt right away. Thanks for asking about screen shots. I've always wondered how to do it too!
Sarah said…
Love the cartoon - my hand is up too!! More snow this morning in N. Idaho - uhhhhggggg!
Congrats on your treasury!! It's so fun to see your work pop up someplace else.
Thank you also for visiting my blog - I always love what you have to say!!!! Sarah
Jazzy Jemz said…
I am soo sick of snow too. Here in AK we have snow constantly and when its not snowing its just cold. Just when the weather gets warm, we get somemore to the never ending winter. Beautiful treasury!
BomshellShocked said…
The treasury is lovely!

Count me in as one who is sick of snow!! Here in Chicago it ruined my whole weekend!
drollgirl said…

and spring has gotta come to you soon! it is in the 70's here, but i didn't just tell you that. :)
Lisa B. said…
God love you poor folks up there in the Dakotas! You've gotten way more than your fair share of snow. Did spring forget about ya'll?

Beautiful necklace and treasury! Congrats!!
What a beautiful treasury! I have practically forgotten what snow looks like. Haven't seen any on the ground here at all this year (I will have to drop everything and make a hiking trip to the mountains if they get any more snow this year). But I can totally see how many in this country are sick of the white stuff! I have been thinking about you this past week, as the flood waters continued to rise. Are you high and dry?
Your necklace looks great on the treasury! I hope you really enjoy www.blockheadradiolive.com - let me know if you have any questions!
Alisa said…
Beautiful treasury, as well as, your necklace!!!
Jenny said…
Mother Nature definitely has a sense of humor, eh? Hopefully you'll be seeing plenty of green again soon.

Congratulations on the treasury! The necklace is stunning.
VintageLove said…
That is a gorgeous necklace! Congrats on the treasury, blue and gold is such a complimentary combination. Very royal!


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