Wednesday Wisdom

"Ever tried, ever failed, no matter.
Try again.
Fail again.
Fail better."
Samuel Beckett

Like Christopher Columbus...think outside the box.


drollgirl said…
oh beckett! what a quote!
Nodin's Nest said…
Ooh I agree! "Fail Better", I will remember this one.
littlebyrd said…
Love this quote! I want to write it on my hand and memorize it so I won't forget.
I love this. Reminds me of a story....

When a reporter asks a successful business man to what he attrubuted his success, his reply, "Good decisions".

When asked how he learned to make good decisions, his reply, "Bad decisions".

I love quotes....this was a great one!

Sheila said…
What a great Quote.... Love it.. can i put that on my blog? huh huh oh please oh please.. lol.. Alicia, The work has kinda come to a stand still on the house as we are having another ice storm here. It will not be as bad as the last on but they def can not work in that weather.. It will prob be monday before they can get back out here again.. But i am loving what they are getting done and how nice a job they are doing. Thanks for the comments.. Sheila
Sheila said…
Alicia, i for got to comment on your comment about the dolls.. I had barbies and tammy. I remember having Twiggy,Grow hair barbie, and color change barbie those for sure, and i think i had some others like skipper and ken.. I had teh tammy dolls as well, but the whole family.. I wish i still had them but i was bad about cutting their hair anyway. lol..

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