Wahoo!! Get Out the Vote!

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I'm always sitting in the back not paying attention. Little did I know that Etsy was having a contest for St Patrick's Day. You get to choose which item you like the best and it will be featured in the Storque and on their blog. I got an email from katherynmd letting me know her antique silver spoons were in the running. So head on over here and cast a vote...pronto!! Hey...maybe we can have a voice in this "election" instead of the 546 idiots in Washington controlling 300 million people. I digress...that's for another post!

Cherry Lipped Roses who has a partner store named hearts a-bustin has included my Victorian bangle bracelet in her Adam & Eve treasury. Many thanks all around...check it out!



NODtoMOD said…
very cool! im going to have to vote! love the heads up! xo
Lindsey said…
Where do they announce these things!? I never see them either.

Going to go vote now!
drollgirl said…
thanks for the tip -- i had no idea!

and i like the way your mind thinks about voting power. crimony, the masses get screwed a lot of the time!
Sheila said…
WOW i got to get over to vote. And you got that part right about how much difference one day can make on my home.. today they got alot more done to the front porch.. enough that i took a chair out on the porch after they called it a day and sat and read a magazine.. It is about 80 here today.. Spring is in the air.. woooooooooooooooo
How fun.....love the pics!


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