Tribal Dance

My neice came over the other day thrilled to death to have been asked to their high school prom. Remember those giddy days? Just like they say in the movie What Women Want, it's all about the dress. I'm a bit old fashioned about prom dresses so I asked what her friends were wearing. The answer...animal prints and wild ethnic gowns. Hmm...not like our proms..but then again...I'm old fashioned. But maybe not that old fashioned. I listed a coral glass ethnic bracelet and necklace just because I was drawn to the style...a bit more funky than what I usually offer.

I listed this vintage ethnic fringe necklace last week and it lasted two days. Maybe my niece isn't so far off the mark or could it be that the current rage for tribal-art jewelry we see on the runway this season is seeping into my sub-conscience? No long as it's vintage, it's good for me!


That is a stunning piece! A real work of art that would look fantastic on anyone.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

drollgirl said…
oh these are so gorgeous and elegant! so beautiful!
This is so exquisite......the pattern almost looks mosaic!

Simply stunning!

leah said…
not sure i could pull off these pieces, but i sure do appreciate them and would love to run my fingers over them.
TheChicGeek said…
Those are nice. The first piece is stunning!

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