Not on My Beach!

So much for sunning on the beach!

Coconut Crab...what would you do if you turned your head to see this guy next to you?


That's horrible! Once when I was young my Dad took us camping near a beach and my brother and I slept on a picnic table. When we woke up we were surrounded by thousands of small crab(s)! It was an experience. I would prefer that to this coconut crab.....anyday!
drollgirl said…
what the hell! i'd run for the hills!
I'll just simply die...just like that...
Karen said…
OMG What a monster!!
Now THAT is a big crab!
First, thanks for droppin' by to see me at the Yaya!

Now, I know why I have always not been to excited about swimming in the ocean or just lying on the beach! :)

Have a beautiful & creative week! xo...deb
Carol said…
And to think, I worry about swimming with sharks! Yee gads!!
ummmm RUN! (and then go change my pants) :)
Oh that real? It's scary!

arrghghghghh! it's like Cloverfield!!! x
that coconut crab (which I'd never heard of before seeing it here) looks like a special effects movie creature!

heh heh- I love it. Though I think I would prefer it not moving over me. That kid has some steel nerve!

Thanks for finding my blog so I could discover yours!
eso es de verdad?que miedoooooo
gracias por tu comentario
Jeanneoli said…
Oh my gosh...that thing is awful!!! I think I would faint:-) Seriously, nightmares are on their way.....
Galit Barak said…
I don't believe it's real!
What? That's a really crab?! Scary.

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