Monday's Top Picks

Monday's favorite picks
Deco Jeweled celluloid pendant from Wonder Diva
Egytian Revival jeweled necklace from Marandy Designs
Fab Enamel cross from The Bohemian Godess

Sterling silver locket with marcasite bale from Swell Vintage

Sexy 60's Jerry Silverman Fringe dress
Pastel Coral blazer
Croc brown suede pumps all from NodtoMod

What's your favorite?


aww thanks for featuring my necklace! i'm so glad you like it. those shoes are amazing too x
drollgirl said…
so cute, especially that fringe dress!
NODtoMOD said…
i of course and bias but i do LOVE the sterling silver locket necklace! would be the perfect addition to any vintage outfit from us!:) xoxo
Sterling silver locket & pastel blazer
so cool
littlebyrd said…
Well, it is a toss between the deco pendant and the black and white dress - both are quite wonderful!
Sheila said…
Yes that sterling silver locket necklace is adorable..

I too love the Madame Alexander dolls.. And the Nancy Ann dolls. these dolls i have are simular to those, just not as popular i guess. I just don't know if they are called a certain kind of doll or not. Thanks for looking ..
It's Just Me said…
Dear Santa:
I have been a good girl, this year for Christmas I would like a sterling silver necklace like the one on boylerpf's blog.

thank you, hug rudolph
delighted heart said…
Love the locket and if my name was diane I would have to get it! Have already checked out her etsy shop. great stuff! Would so much rather have some of her stuff around my neck than one of those creatures you about last post!!!!
gracias por pasar por pink days bello blog

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