Monday's Picks...Steampunk

I'll admit, I have been sitting in the back row when it comes to steampunk jewelry. Not a term I was familiar with and a little out of my realm when selling antique jewelry. But is it really that far off from what the Victorians did back in the 1800s? They reused elements from jewelry that were broken and incorporated them into fine jewelry pieces. So the definition of steampunk fashion is modern styles filtered through the Victorian era. No wonder these caught my eye! Who out there is the Jules Verne??


Now I know what steampunk is! I have heard this term bouncing around for awhile but couldn't figure out where it fit into...thanks for the details! Those are really great pieces :-) just right for Captain Nemo.
Alisa said…
Loving the last one... the bracelet!
Those are all so pretty! Thanks for sharing!
Amariah said…
I'm not a jewelry person, but I love steampunk!
drollgirl said…
HEY!!! i like these!!!!!! and i am way behind the times in that i had not heard that term before. oof!!
Oh I love the watch bracelet. Thanks so much for sharing them.
Enjoy your day..Kathi
That ring is just incredible! Great picks, my dear x
Wow! Amazing! I have a blog award for you too!
NODtoMOD said…
i love this! they are so retro cool and very punk! not what a bunch of people would wear which makes it even cooler!:) xo
Two Dog Pond said…
very nice! Inspirational, in fact.
leah said…
PUNK-a-licious! i love them. and i would wear it all!

(check out my blog from won sum-pin)
I had no idea what steampunk jewelry was until about 6 months ago and I love the ring you picked.
julochka said…
love that top ring. i think i've seen it or one like it on etsy. :-) fun.
Cursed♪♫ said…
I agree with Alisa.
I love the last one :)
Nice blog!
It's Just Me said…
love the neclace! cool idea
Sarah said…
I have seen these about too - and got the idea - but wow how it has grown!!!! Like the name!!!! Very cool stuff! Thank you for the Award hon - huge hearts!!! Sarah

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