Monday's Picks..a Little Frame

I am such a fan of very old picture frames. Most of the photos in our 1900's house are all black and white which even include all the pictures of the kids while we were on vacation. One of the best parts of having a fashion photographer for a husband are candid photos. As the house is old, every room has a dressing table that we put little curios and these gorgeous frames would be right in with the era. Even a nightstand would do for these beauties!


Sarah said…
Oh these are these too!! I think I have developed a taste for the more ornate as I have gotten older!!! I do love some of the heavy jewelry you show also. Thnks for popping by the Bee this morning!!! Sarah
NODtoMOD said…
i love these frames! they can make a room so chic and eclectic! i like to have a bunch of different ones on one table...they are great convo starters! stoked you found these!!:) xoxo
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the frames :)
Judy said…
I just love antique frames and especially metal and bronze, just beautiful pictures!
What beautiful frames. Thanks for sharing them. Have a great day..Kathi
drollgirl said…
i am crazy for ornate frames and mirrrors! these are so gorgeous. luck you. :)
A photo is so much more when it is enhanced by a gorgeous frame!!!Lovely!
Very pretty frames! Black and white photographs are my favorites for displaying around the house. I love the story of how you and your husband met. That is so sweet!
Wow, these are all gorgeous x
They remind me of some of Kat Von D's ornate framing on her portrait tatoos! Love her-even though i do not possess a single 'tat' and probably never will.
Lovely, the details are amazing in these old frames:)
Lisa B. said…
Cool frames...I really like the second one!
boylerpf said…
Anyone checking...the second from the last frame from Altered Vintage sold from the post...Whoot!!!
Those are beautiful! So perfect on a dressing table and fit any photo you put in them!
littlebyrd said…
Your house with all it's pictures sounds wonderful! These ones you have featured here are gorgeous.
Sandra said…
I really do like these frames. I like lots of pretty things, but the trouble is I then need to dust them. Not so good at that! Beautiful though.
Raven said…
I'm a fan of old picture frames as well...and these are ALL fabulous! Great picks!

Sweet frames!!! I love vintage frames too .... and the small ones are just precious.

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