Monday's Picks

I guess pick could be a play on words. I have always loved antique combs...the more elaborate, the better. They are great to have out on a dressing table just for decoration. I have long hair but not enough to keep one of these in place.

Mantilla jeweled comb from Studio Steffi

Poinsettia jeweled comb from Past Perfect Vintage

Ever wonder watching those old movies or looking at photos pre 1920's how they got their hair to be so poofy with actual rolls on the side of their head? Back in the day, the Victorians would save their knotted hair from brushes, combs etc and put them into a hair receiver. Then to achieve the perfect hairdo, they would use nests of this saved hair as fillers to make the rolls. Must have been a tough comb out when they were done!

Blue Rhinestone comb from Red Stripe Vintage

Victorian Green Rhinestone Combs from Back Thennish Vintage

For now, I think I'll stick to using them as a dresser ornament!


I don't think I had enough hair to use one of these even when I was a "young un"! Very pretty!! I like the decor element.
I think those crazy gals in the early 60's did that too to add to their big do's!
It would be fun to turn some into pins...the comb at the end makes them a little edgy!
drollgirl said…
oh these are beautiful!!! i think they would slip right through my slickery hair, but i'd still like to try them.
NODtoMOD said…
i love those hair picks! add it to a classic french twist and you have a totally classier and sassier updo! love them! xo
Sarah said…
Ooooooh me too - aren't they fun!! I love the green set!! Stunning!!
Kathy said…
Thanks so much for your visit, I didn't know my feature was today, so thanks for that too!
I am enjoying your blog!
Wowowow! That top one is just stunning...great selection x
Sheila said…
WOW thanks for that history lesson, i had no idea.. Yes please do go over and check out lollishops it is a fun place.. Those hair combs are to die for..
That's really interesting, I always wondered how those Victoria women made those huge curled up-do's. These combs are gorgeous! My mom has one that belonged to her grandmother. My sister and I used to pull it out of my Mom's drawer about once a year to admire it.
Amariah said…
I never knew that people would save their hair like that! I like the picks though. I used to work in a frame shop and I had a lady bring in several really old picks that looked similar to the ones in your post. We put them all in a huge shadowbox, and it looked pretty neat!
These are beautiful! I'm more of a ponytail/braids person, but maybe someday I'll have an excuse to use a comb like this!

(Great blog by the way!)

Gorgeous...makes me want long hair again.

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