Goth Glam

For ages now, I have been enamored with Victorian mourning jewelry and finally found a piece I have always coveted...this gutta percha long locket necklace. I know it was produced around 1850-1860 and during the era, used to hold photos commemorating the loss of a loved one. Now that may seem a bit avant garde to some being it has to do with death, but it is such a cool chunky big piece that works with today's styles. Gutta-percha comes from a rubber tree indigenous to Malaysia and used in mourning jewelry because it was dark and could be easily carved into shapes. Now how ingenious were those Victorians? The product is used today in dentistry of all things!

To all of you who sent good thoughts our way yesterday with the flooding...we were blessed (if you can call it a blessing!) with temps in the teens last night along with 2-3" of fresh snow which seems to have slowed Mother Nature down a degree or two. Now we'll wait for the warm temps to roll into full gear again. The wonderful part about living in ND are the pragmatic people that take a challenge and just get on with it!


Jazzy Jemz said…
Pretty. At least you were able to avoid the flood waters for now! Keep sending high hopes you don't have high waters.
Love the carving....I've never heard of gutta-percha.

The chain looks so modern....amazing.

Oh to be happy for more snow! Glad Mother Nature was slowed down a bit though.....flooding bites.
drollgirl said…
YOU ARE KILLING ME!!! THAT NECKLACE IS SO ME!!! i wish it was my birthday so i could beg my boyfriend to buy it for me. selfishly i hope it does not sell before July 30 so that i can make him buy it for ME!!!

in case this isn't clear, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nodinsnest said…
What a lovely piece, so elegant!
I hope the waters stay down for you, good luck.
That necklace is stunning! Arghghgh I want x
NODtoMOD said…
such a COOL necklace! i love the chain like link and locket interesting that it is rubber! adore it!:) xoxo
TheChicGeek said…
Love that jewelry and the history too. Very interesting :)
Cursed♪♫ said…
Thanks a ton for following me!!!
Do come back again. I'm glad you like my blog!
You rock!!!
Chrisy said…
Am coveting your off to do some research on gutta percha...haven't heard of it before!
Beautiful gutta-percha!

I'll be sending "dry" vibes your way. Stay safe.

littlebyrd said…
I am happy to hear that the flooding is subsiding! This is great necklace. I have been really into using Victorian beads for my handmade stuff - I just love everything about them.
So many jewelry posts on the blogosphere today! Loving it!
I want to begin a mourning jewelry collection but it wouln't get a lot of use in my current wardrobe- I dress up 2-3 days a week it though.
Judy said…
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Necklace is just stunning!....and by the way I just nominated your blog for Lemonade award! You can check out the details at my blog. : )

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