Five Birds and Good Intentions

Here's a Friday thought... My daughter, who is moving this weekend to her very own place, forwarded this email to me and I thought I would share it with you.

Five birds are sitting on a telephone wire. Two decide to fly South. How many are left? Most people would say three. Actually, all five are left. You see, deciding to fly isn’t the same as actually doing it.

If a bird really wants to go somewhere, it’s got to point itself in the right direction, jump off the wire, flap its wings, and keep flapping until it gets where it wants to go.

So it is with most things. Good intentions are not enough. It’s not what we want, say, or think that makes things happen; it’s what we do.

I frequently think of writing thank-you, birthday, and congratulatory notes. Unfortunately, only a sad few of these good sentiments ever make it to paper. Still, if I don’t look too closely, I can delude myself into thinking that based on my good thoughts I’m a gracious and grateful person. A truer and less admirable picture of my character is drawn by my actions.

In the end, we either do or don’t do. We either make the time to do the things we want to and should do, or we make excuses. As Alfred Adler said, “Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.”

What do you want to do? Do you want to take a course, change your job, lose weight, make new friends, or spend more time with and appreciate more the ones you have?

What’s stopping you from jumping off the wire and flapping your wings?

Have a terrific weekend!


Wow, my dear, did you hit close to home with that one! Lots of food for thought (or action!) in those words!
Have a great weekend!
drollgirl said…
what a great picture, and a great story to go along with it!!!! i love it. i need to jump off the wire on many things someday. humph.
Lovely words to give me a kick in the pants and get some things done this weekend! I need to catch up on correspondence with family and get organized about planning my wedding. Oh - and catch up on Etsy listings! It's tough because the weather is lovely and I just want to go outside and play in the garden, ride the bike, walk in the woods....
Frippery said…
What a wonderful post! Love the photo too. You are right. My friends mom used to say "Wishin' ain't gettin'" Wow, so true. Thanks for the kick in the pants. Your daughter is very wise. My kids are both ready to leave the nest. One has left and come back for few months before studying abroad. Thanks for sharing your daughters little story, Pam
TheChicGeek said…
Wow! Amazing post! You are so right about movement. If we would just step out and do even one of the things we've been thinking about the world would be a better place. We got to start somewhere.
Beautiful post! Thanks so much!
This is a great post and really got me thinking in a number of different directions!! Though I suppose I should turn those thoughts into actions and really get going with them!
Great quote and wonderful post.
I noticed that you became a follower of my blog...and I wanted to stop by and say "hello!" I really enjoyed reading this post...., I too, have many great intentions of sending off things to those I care for, or even making a call....and the day goes by and I let other things get in the way. Thank you for the reminder... nice to meet you! ~cheryl

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