Boho Beauties

I haven't posted about our shop on Etsy for a couple of days. Since spring is around the corner, I'm always thinking of bright colorful jewels. I love the Victorian jewelry just because it is classic and timeless. But there is nothing like the old Deco 1920s Czechoslovakian jewelry when it comes to fresh, colorful glass.

Many of the designers showed glass pieces for their Spring collection but none can compare to the old glass that has been around for decades. The best part? A fraction of the cost, sometimes one of a kind and vintage....all rolled into one. So "Czech" 'em out!


Sarah said…
Oh they are amazing!! I love the blue one!!! I love old pieces!!!
drollgirl said…
these are divine! i have some from one of my late grandma's and i just love them!
Stunning! I have several deco necklaces and they are really my favorite of vintage designs. Your pieces are positively GORGEOUS!

NODtoMOD said…
i love all of these necklaces and would totally rock them! colorful...and boho beauties! xoxo

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