Blogland Muse

There seems to be several blogs that I tune into every day for various reasons. Would I call them my muse? Not sure, but they all have a read that I try to garner something to broaden my horizon. Take for instance this blog...A Pinch of This and a Dash of That by SweetPeaSurry. The humor and wit is one you just can't beat...great way to start your day with a laugh reading the stories..includes some great recipes for the cooks in the crowd, too. Today's happens to be quite enlightening with a 4th grader and a cat. I had no idea that cats had a stutter!

There are several others I read for political satire, for decorating ideas (only because they look great..not because I can achieve the look), seeing what's happening in Etsyland, photography, art and fashion.


I've often you have a muse that makes the lighbulb go off?


Sarah said…
Hmmmm - as my muse has just returned from Hawaii.... LOL. Seriously, sweeping soundtracks like.."Last of the Mohicans" inspire me. Amazing or silly photography, nature. There are so many blogs here I find inspiring!! I think many touch my heart & spirit which lifts my art. Sarah
NODtoMOD said…
whoa...that is kind of a creepy photo! i do like the idea of people having muses....inspiration is what keeps everyone going now a days! xoxo

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