Bald Eagle Sighting

They're back!! On the way to the barn this morning to do chores, we saw our first bald eagle sighting of the season...right in front of us. And wouldn't you know...I didn't have the camera...argh!

We are in a fly zone and every spring they start to appear. For me, it is a sure sign that spring is really going to come (we all know it does but the question is always when?). These majestic birds find their way to the barest dead tree and perch for hours watching the world...and every little creature...scurry by. We have watched a small grove of trees that had 27 at one time! Watching them swoop down in front of the truck to catch something to eat is breathtaking...a size you just can't fathom from a distance.

So on a brighter note...Spring is really here!

A heartfelt thanks to all who shared their camera best...still on the hunt but it sure looks like a Canon is the favorite! if I only had it this morning!?!?!


drollgirl said…
wow wow wow! you have seen them in person!??!?! and 27 at a time!??!?! that is incredible! i hear they are just huge. pretty impressive, and i am glad they are still around!
How beautiful! I would love to be in a fly zone...we only get to see 1-2 a year!
Sheila said…
WOW Bald Eagles in your own yard.. HOw amazing. The guys are realy working fast today to get things cleaned up .. all teh concreat and debri is history.. Can't tell you how happy i am about that. looking better each time i look out.
NODtoMOD said…
i loved seeing the bald eagles! they are sooo regal and just all around cool looking! cant wait till i see them again coming up soon!!!:) xo
I would LOVE to see that! I'd whip out my Canon 50D and a long lens... :)
Aren't they so magical! xo...deb
lauren said…
So cool you posted about a raptor! I love birds to the absolute limit and live in Michigan where I can just go up north and there they are! Isn't it so great seeing them, they are so majestic in person!
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week end..Kathi
There is nothing like these magnificent creatures. We have several that regularly frequent our farm in fly overs, hunting I'm sure. We are very near Emory and Lake Fork, where they hold Eagle Fest every year. The populations are now increasing, which is such a wonderful sign. I'm very aware of how fortunate we are to witness these beautiful birds in flight. They are amazing!

Thanks for sharing!

Country Girl said…
There are a couple of places around here that we can go to see several bald eagles, but I've never seen 27 at one time. That's pretty amazing.

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