Awww Moment...Pink Not Green

This Dachshund is fostering this little guy and when put together, he had his eyes closed. She is the greatest mom nursing him back to health. Isn't he just the cutest Pigg-uppy you've ever seen?

And they say we all can't get along. His name? Pink of course! He's one lucky guy.

And speaking of luck, for those celebrating the infamous St. Patrick's Day...Enjoy!


Oh my gosh, this is too adorable for words!! Along these same lines, here is a precious video that you should check out! Kingsford, the Little Pig That Could
Sarah said…
Awww that is the cutest thing!!! It's Babe the dog pig - just a smaller dog!! It' soooooo pink!!!
NODtoMOD said…
awww...i want a pigg-uppy!! soo cute! i just read about a baby duck and puppy being the best of friends! see...we can all get along!:) xo
These pics make me so happy, brings a tear to my eye just how sweet "Pink" and her surrogate mama dachshund are.
Raven said…
that's just too cute!

drollgirl said…
oh, he is just fucking adorable!!
Frippery said…
Those are absolutely the sweetest photos. I don't know which are cuter, piggy or pups. Just one big group of cuteness. Pam
Sheila said…
OH my.. love love love this.. How sweet and how funny.. Thanks for the kind comment on my doll makeover.. You cracked me up about hiring me to makeover you. That is so sweet though. Sheila
OMG...that is too cute! Such a good mama :) first, I thought this was a stuffed animal! :) How cute!!! A definite "kodak" moment. Thanks so much for sharing...xo...deb
So sweet, what a great Mom. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great day..Kathi
AntiqueAttic said…
Oh my gosh two of my favorite things Dachsunds and pigs awwwwwwwwww
Emily said…
This little guy is the absolute cutest! -e
Sandra said…
OMG, that is too cute! What a nice mother.

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