All Washed Up..

Anybody listening to the weather news for the past few days knows that our little neck of the woods is in deep trouble with flooding. Rivers, streams and sloughs are already out of their banks in some areas.

The National Guard as well as college students are filling sandbags to help stop the onslaught of water. We just got word that our little hamlet has lost all of its lift stations which means all sewers will be backed up into the basements. UGH!! All this and snow is predicted for today and tomorrow. Mother Nature sure does have a sense of humor!!

All the doom and gloom aside, I have been honored by Couture de Papier with this wonderful blog award. Totally humbled...thank you for allowing me to be in such artful and creative company. Her blog is beautiful, full of eye candy and well written...I encourage all to take a look. And now I must pass this on to some of you wonderful people out there that I enjoy...a hard pick since there are so many but here goes and trust no particular order ;D
  1. Memories For Life Scrapbooks
  2. Some Like It Vintage
  3. The Blue Ridge Gal
  4. Just Jules
  5. Cottage Garden Studio
  6. Nod to Mod Vintage
  7. Droll Girl
All great reads and I know you will enjoy them. So bloggers out there...get clickin!!


Eewwwwww....bless you and yours. I'm sorry you have to go through this.

Flip side, congrats on your award!!
Hey... are you in Fargo??? I have a girlfriend from many moons ago that lives in Fargo. Or are you in Moreland? You can send me an e-mail to to answser... Look forward to hearing from you.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Oh, and thanks for the award... it truly is appreciated... I have gone award free on my blog so won't be posting it there but do want to say BIG THANK YOU!
Oh no! I hope the flooding situation get taken care of quickly!

Thanks for the award :) You always leave such great comments on my means a lot to receive an award from you :)
Jazzy Jemz said…
Oh no! I hope that its not too bad! Congrats on your award woohoo!
Sarah said…
Oh uhhhgg hon - soo very sorry!! Are you dry?? We're suppose to get a few more inches of snow tonight - sigh. No flooding though - yuck!!
Awww thanks for the award hon!!!! That is so sweet of you!!! I'll take it!!! Sarah
Congrats on the Kreative Blogger award! I love that first picture, its so surreal yet crazy...
It's Just Me said…
I was complaining about our water - it is NOTHING compared to what you all are dealing with! I figure people pay big money for water front property and I get it tax free in the Spring - but, it doesn't flood my basement or back up my sewer -I hope you are fairing well.

Thank you so much for the bloggy award, it is lovely. I will post it soon :)

Your bloggy friend, Jules Maegan said…
oh, I hope it gets better!
drollgirl said…
you totally deserve this!!! and thank you for giving the award to me, too. you are too cool!!!
Hang in there with the flooding, can't imagine...

Thanks so much for the award mention and congratulations on yours :-)!!! How wonderful!

I really appreciate your comments on my blog, it's nice to know someone is out there reading it!

Oh dear! I didn't realize you were right in the middle of this. Stay safe Alicia. Hopefully the precipitation will stop and the waters recede soon!
Hi sweetie

May our Mother Earth have mercy on you and your town and all those being affected by the waters. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing!

Also, congrats on your award! Well deserved!

Hello Lindello said…
Yikes! I just saw the news on this mess. Our basement flooded last year & it wasn't pretty. You seem to look on the bright side of things at least! Sorry to hear & hope its not as bad as they predict!
Amariah said…
awww, that sucks! so sorry you're getting flooded :-(
Chrisy said…
Flooding...and with snow as well...hope you all get through this with minimal headin off now to click on these other fab blogs...
alamodestuff said…
I'm so sorry to about your weather. Surely, there'll be a reprieve soon?!

Congrats on the blog award!!

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