Wedding Bangles

There is nothing like the simplicity of a gold or gold filled bangle bracelet. A bangle bracelet is as popular today as it was over 100 years ago although back in the day, bangles had a special meaning.
During the Victorian days, bangle bracelets were given in pairs and were called wedding bangles. One for the bride and one for the groom. They were very ornate with the engraving and many displayed what is referred to as taille d'epargne, a black enamel accent. Ivy vines were a common theme and symbolic of friendship, fidelity and love. A flower was often a focal point with the bluebells for constancy and the lilac for feelings of love.
Just another thing to think about when you don your bangles!!
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leah said…
i like this bangle...even tho gold is usually not even a thought for me. it's pretty. maybe ima changin.
NODtoMOD said…
i love gold bangles...i used to be a silver gal but now gold is so classic and timeless....esp this piece! i love it!:)

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