Victorian Watch Cocks...What are They??

Many of you have never even heard of the term "watch cock" so one asks, what is a watch cock? It is the hand-made necessity of the inner workings of pocket watches during the 1700's. Most were made of metal alloys or even pinchbeck..copper and zinc made to look like gold. what is so special about that, you ask? Take a closer look at the watch cocks. Fascinating designs of flowers, serpents, gargoyles, and faces emerge..each one totally different from the next. During the late 1800's it was popular to turn these watch cocks into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches. Some were linked with glass jewels.

Very collectible and a another unique piece of Victorian antique jewelry!

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NODtoMOD said…
i had no idea what a watch cock was...i had no idea that they differed from one another with design. it is soo cool to think that they could do all of this and in such a tiny space way back then. shows how little time people take on jewelry today! xoxo
drollgirl said…
i love these colors together. gorgeous! and i want to shout out WATCH COCK all day long, but i will restrain myself!
that bracelet is just gorgeous! wow x
Sheila said…
WOW!! What a great use for Watch Cocks.. I guess you can go out looking for these at fleamarkets and such.. Such detail.. Thanks for stopping in at my blog. Yes we were very fourtunate to not be hurt. We had insurance and the contractors have begun to clen up all the debri, but much left to do. We are blessed. sheila
Faygen Marc said…
Watch cocks were used to decoratively cover up the balance wheel of the watch. Each one is different, they were engraved by hand and then carefully pierced with a tiny jig-saw that had to be undone with each new hole. The cock was then gold plated using the mercury proces. The cocks were often made by subcontractors who worked from home. They are descended from the table clocks which were much larger and the cock protected and embellished the balance wheel. As the table clocks were miniaturised to become the first watches, the cocks went along with them, becoming increasingly smaller until one day the watchmakers said, what the heck, no-one is looking inside the watch to see these cocks, let's stop investing in them and that was it!

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