Take a Grand Tour

Remember the Jane Austin novels? Young ladies were always traveling here or there with a relative to larger cities and countries during the Victorian era. One of the hot spots for travel was Italy. The ladies would be gone for an extensive time and would collect souvenirs of places they had visited. And what young lady didn't enjoy jewelry? They would purchase brooches, necklaces, bracelets, picture frames and even spoons in micro mosaic so that upon their arrival home, they could show them off much like a postcard of places they had visited.

Italian mosaics were made of square tesserae of stone, marble, terracotta and glass. A popular theme was a pictoral image of some of the ruins in Rome.

Even the "peasants" in costume were depicted. Very collectible in today's antique jewelry market, the true micro mosaics are incredible to view!

Now who wouldn't want to go on a Grand Tour today?

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leah said…
sign me up for a grand tour. to anywhere. i'm game.
Rachel said…
I'll come too! One thing that always really fascinated me about Victorian travel was the Claude Glass (the wikipedia has a pretty good article), which seemed to have a similar function of 'capturing' the landscape.
A grand tour sounds divine.

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