So Sad? Mourning Jewelry

One type of Victorian jewelry that has always fascinated me is mourning jewelry. When Queen Victoria's husband died in 1861, mourning jewelry was very desirable. The queen actually wore black for the rest of her life! Jewelry followed a strict protocol wearing black for the first year and then, during the second, muted colors were allowed such as purple, muave, and gray. Elements used for the jewelry were highly symbolic...pearls for tears, the forget-me-knot flower for remembrance, a diamond for constancy and the list goes on. Popular materials used were bog oak as pictured above, jet, gutta percha, and onyx.
Shown is a great example of the era..1875...Bog oak brooch . Pair of bog oak earrings with vulcanite base.

The pieces produced were highly detailed and one could read them almost like a book! Don't you just wish these old antique jewelry pieces could tell their story?
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drollgirl said…
i had no idea! very cool.
The detail on these mourning pieces are wonderful. I am so enthralled with victorian mourning jewelry and the fact that there is such a category for such craftmenship. do you have any hair pieces in your collection? Deborah@vintageclothiers
Leila Marvel said…
The Victorians often photographed their dead and worn such mourning pieces to cope with their loss celebrate the passing of their life. More modern times death is very much hushed and hidden away.

I am a huge fan of hair jewelry, about 10 years ago I got to hold some hair bracelets at this historical society I had visited here in DE. I can't believe how intricate they are, so beautiful.
I love mourning jewellery. Such a beautiful idea x

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