I didn't type the title wrong. I really meant grouse and perhaps to some...gross! Back in the Victorian days, animal jewelry was quite the rage even though we think of it as being bizarre. Conservation and protecting the wildlife was not a concern and hunting trophies from expeditions were made into elaborate jewelry. The grouse claw above was a favorite often set with a large jewel as well as a ring placed on one of the talons.

Another very collectible was the otter paw or even a boar's tooth mounted as a pendant.
One of my favorites are the scarab beetles.

The Brazilian scarab beetle carcass is exquisite with a bumpy texture and a vivid iridescent green. A true find!
Although gross to you and me, the history is fascinating!
Boyle Antique & Vintage Jewelry


Leila Marvel said…
I think they are cool. Love those scarab beetle brooches.
drollgirl said…
gross! but i must admit they are all beautiful!
NODtoMOD said…
i know someone who would love the little claws! could it be my bf...or my little puppy!? i think these are really cool! its more appealing than an animal hanging on the wall....or a hoof lamp for that matter;)! xoxo
OMG! I remember those rabbit feet key chains when I was little!
I can empathize with owner in rescue video! I have had so many scary moments with my dogs! Olly is only 2 and a big dog for her age plus she has another on a leash.I guess the lab saw a seal! I did not know they were in that area right near me..they are so cute!
I wonder if I could lose weight with one of those suits!?
Bella said…
!!!!!!!!!! ohmygod, I'm speechless.
i love animal jewellery still! these are gorgeous x

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