I'm Wishing....

We woke up this morning to two feet of new white fluffy snow...you read that right..2 feet! I can't tell you how depressing that is. Here I was thinking that spring was coming...yeah right!

So looking out the window, I couldn't help but think about a place that I would rather be at that very moment. One of my all time favorites is riding through Dupont Forest in Brevard, NC. My very dearest friend and I (right)...along with our trusty steeds...would fly through the woods, laughing and totally enjoying every inch of scenery like this beautiful waterfall...one of many.

Creeks to cross, rivers to swim and a beautiful way to be thankful for everything you have...including a dear friend. So I am definitely wishing of being somewhere without 2' of snow! I guess the photo studio will just have to do!

On another note...check out Leah over on her blog to find out about a fabulous 2 for one deal in her shops today. Moxiethrift and Moxiephotodesign. Cool stuff!!

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drollgirl said…
oh man, that place looks gorgeous!!!
Sarah said…
Wow beautiful photos - I sooooo miss riding - luck you!! The waterfall looks like "Last of the Mohicans" setting. Are your pics from the West side of the state? It is beutiful in NC!! Thanks for popping by my blog. I love the piece on your avtar!!! Sarah
Sheesh! I didn't like having to drive to town with two inches of snow (and ice) on the roads today. Two feet?!!! Boggles my mind.

Hope you get to go visit your friend and ride horses soon!
Carol said…
Sure do miss this...every ride out there was a total adventure! So much laughing going on too!
Brevard is a special place. My sister and her husband met there, and I've always thought that seemed such a romantic place to spend a first summer as a couple (stealing away for hikes and picnics by a waterfall). I can see why you miss the NC mountains so much, I hope you are able to visit soon!

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