Free Jewelry GiveAway...Easy Peasy!

Since February is the month of showing affection, we thought we would have offer as a give away this vintage sterling silver heart band ring. It is a size 6 to 6.5 but not to worry, you can even put this beauty on a chain. Or hey, isn't vintage all about recycling? Makes a great gift too! It is hallmarked sterling as well as the makers mark.

Pretty easy to enter...just go to our shop here and leave a comment on our blog here on a piece of jewelry you like in our shop. Enter as often as you like and this Friday at 3 US central time, we'll announce the winner. Doesn't that make for a great weekend! Make sure if you don't have a blog account that you let me know your email addy so I can contact you to get all the shipping info. Like I said...easy peasy!

Good luck and happy looking!

Boyle Antique & Vintage Jewelry


leah said…
love, love, love this:

it wasnt easy peasy as there is lots of good stuff. but thanks!
Lindsey said…
I looked through the entire shop, but I still picked the very first item I saw - the ANTIQUE ATRICE Gold Filled VICTORIAN NOUVEAU Locket
boylerpf said…
Such eclectic choices! Awesome!
Marie said…
My favorite is your Antique VICTORIAN 12K GOLD Fill Enamel LOCKET Necklace so gorgeous!!!


P.S. Thank you for visiting my blog! Come back anytime!!
There was a lot to love in your shop! I like this the best!Vintage Signed CZECH BLUE Crystal Glass DECO Necklace. I can't resist anything Czech made with glass!
N + S said…
the gold filled watch coil bracelet is fantastic! wish they still made them like that.

I love your Antique VICTORIAN 12K GOLD Fill Enamel LOCKET Necklace and the fancy chain on it.
NODtoMOD said…
my fav is
do i stand a chance?!;) i love the green....stands out completely!:)
boylerpf said…
Hey aren't eligible! But I do like your choice!!
It's Just Me said…
CZECH Amethyst PURPLE Glass GILT FILIGREE DECO Necklace was definitely my favorite! What a hard choice to make!

How lovely of you to think of us!
Good luck to all.
shweetpotato said…
I LOVE this one

SOOO gorgeous omgosh BEAUTIFUL, Carm
SoDear2MyHeart said…

Such a gorgeous piece! I can't imagine where you find all your wonderful stuff?!?!

SoDear2MyHeart said…

I can't get enough birthstone...Looooove this piece!

So Dear 2 My Heart
SoDear2MyHeart said…

I'm really attracted to the Victorian "Moon" pieces...(probably has something to do with why I sit under the tree in the front yard and howl during a full one!)

Better late than never and best of luck with your promotion!

So Dear 2 My Heart

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