Epitome of Class

Audrey Hepburn personified sophistication, class, and glamour. At the same time, she was a supremely unpretentious and compassionate person. Her performance in Roman Holiday, her first starring role, won her an Oscar and forever established her in the world's consciousness as the epitome of gentle grace and nobility, tempered with an endearing gamine gawkiness and innocence.

With the Oscars on last night...didn't watch because I couldn't stand for all the drivel speeches...I went to youtube and listened to her gracious acceptance speech for her Oscar. Honest, from the heart...and super short with tons of class and style. It lasted all of 20 seconds.

Who wouldn't like this classic beauty? Any favorites?

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SweetPeaSurry said…
I've always had a fondness for Audrey. She's just so lovely.

I'm a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe too. Really, how can one NOT be?
TheChicGeek said…
I adore Audrey Hepburn. Total class and beauty!
Haddock said…
When ever I see a Lamby scooter, I am reminded of Roma Holiday and the way she rode that scooter.
Yahoo........thats how life should be.

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