Chain Me UP!

The best dressed Victorian ladies wore chains...lots of them! They wore them long with a locket or lorgnette (handled reading glasses) on the end, gathered with a decorative brooch at the bust line, and even wrapped around their wrist as bracelets. Slides were used to vary the length and look. They were very decorative in their own right with unique shapes. An opal slide as well as a seed pearl slide were very popular.

Even diamonds were used as well as rubies and other gemstones. The chains were varying sizes and widths and were gold filled or of precious metals. Many of the elaborate slides are collected today and made into cuff links, bracelets and even buttons.

Here are a few well dressed Victorian ladies sporting their long watch chains and slides.

So if you're looking for a unique, versatile piece of jewelry, think outside the box and check out some Victorian watch slides!

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NODtoMOD said…
chains like this are so versatile and very chic now! i love that you included a pic of when they were worn! xoxo:)
leah said…
i love the layered look of chains and things...i wear 3 or 5...tricky to pull off 5 without looking like mr. t...but i think i did it once.
drollgirl said…
these are GORGEOUS!!! i love the long-chain look. Maegan said…
oh my god I love that.

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