Braided Hair...Love Token!

A very unique form of mourning jewelry during the Victorian era was braided hair jewelry. A lock of hair from the deceased was often hidden away in a locket worn close to the heart. Many brooches were made with the hair kept under glass to protect their loved ones in "another place". These items were referred to a memento mori which is Latin to " reflect on the transitory nature of life" or more so in our terms "be mindful of death".

Not all braided hair jewelry was for mourning. Since hair was incredibly personal, women would braid locks of hair from their husbands or fiances as a love token. The braided hair bracelet circa 1860 is one such item. Many hours were spent entwining each hair to form the intricate masterpiece. Young ladies practiced this art much as they did when embroidering for samplers.

An insight into a lost art. A word to the significant others and husbands...beware the woman with a scissor! Have a great weekend!
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NODtoMOD said…
This is the best form of love you can show! I love this bracelet! It must have taken forever to make and it shows just how much love meant back in the day!:)
Leila Marvel said…
Yes! Aren't these exquisite. I have alot of my grandmother's hair, I wonder if there are still some people out there who make them?
It's Just Me said…
I may be in the minority but I would find wearing that a bit disturbing!
Lindsey said…
I had no idea that people did this. It's odd, but interesting too. I'm also curious to know if someone out there still makes them.
SoDear2MyHeart said…
Lovely blog & page, too! These pieces are so hard to come by, but I've seen you offer quite a lucky thing! I love your writing style, I always learn something and you suffuse it with your love of not only the piece, but the sentiments behind them. Another great post!
So Dear 2 My Heart
Wow, I'd never heard of that before - amazing. I'm sad the bracelet's sold already! x
Anonymous said…
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