I posted yesterday that I have been behind in adding to the blog. We have been busy shooting the spring fashions for my daughter's shop on Etsy NODtoMOD. Her sister came back home for a little R & R from her job as a debt collector (Yikes!) and chimed in for the shooting. The last day was relegated to just "anything" pictures. Serious lasted for about 5 minutes!

Straight face, serious was not happening!

In the end, as corny as it sounds, there is nothing like a sister who you can share anything. Glad that I could be a part of this. Have a great weekend and stay tuned to next weeks posts...some really cool interviews coming!


drollgirl said…
these shots are so great.

i have one super sister that i would just die with out. there is nothing like a great sister. :)
leah said…
wow! fun shots. agreed, sisters are the best kind of friends. my sister and i are 13 months apart. i love it!
NODtoMOD said…
what a fab fave of course! there is nothing like her and its fantastic!:) xoxo
OMG Your girls are so beautiful, they look great!!! I love the dresses, and can't wait to see all the pics from the shoot. I did get one of my daughter to model, and there is some pics of her on my vintage pulse page. we did a photo shoot of some vintage dresses with her and her friend modeling. I will be listing them on etsy soon. My other daughter is a budding designer and I will be listing some pics of her fashion show this year (younger daughter models in it too) as a slide show on my blog soon. Girls are so much fun aren't they? Not that I wouldn't like a grandson someday. lol
PS: is the dress on the right 50s and is it going up for sale?
Deborah @ vintageclothiers
I wish I had a sister to be silly with. Never did..but I sure loved your photos. Made me smile to see them having so much fun !

jarvenpa said…
Such beautiful daughters you have! My daughter and I both longed to have sisters--but ended up with brothers instead.

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