30 January 2009


I posted yesterday that I have been behind in adding to the blog. We have been busy shooting the spring fashions for my daughter's shop on Etsy NODtoMOD. Her sister came back home for a little R & R from her job as a debt collector (Yikes!) and chimed in for the shooting. The last day was relegated to just "anything" pictures. Serious lasted for about 5 minutes!

Straight face, serious was not happening!

In the end, as corny as it sounds, there is nothing like a sister who you can share anything. Glad that I could be a part of this. Have a great weekend and stay tuned to next weeks posts...some really cool interviews coming!

29 January 2009

Eclectic Favorites

It has been some time since my last post. We have been busy in the studio shooting vintage fashion for NODtoMOD ..fabulous fun!! Now I thought I might add a few of my favorite things since I am in one of those "fun" moods. These two items are just because I love kitschy jewelry that you can do anything with...not stuffy, but plain ol' fun. Funky masquerade earrings...dangle of course...offered by SoDear2MyHeart. And while we're at it, why not throw in this fringe bib necklace from the late Deco era. Offered by CLUTTEREDmind...kitschy all the way!

A couple of my favorite photos...a little spooning for Valentine's Day around the corner. Neat vintage postcard from calloohcallay. And one of the most adorable pics ever. Who couldn't resist this Valentines Messenger of Love? desertnana takes some of the finest photos you'll come across and to top it off...she's a terrific lady! That little fella has an incredible rescue story he can tell.
Just a few eclecic finds!
Boyle Antique & Vintage Jewelry

23 January 2009

Statement Necklaces...

The rage for spring...necklaces that make a statement. I find my "statement" pieces in vintage jewelry. Not one of the crowd, not a fortune and all my own style. Isn't vintage fabulous? Have a great weekend and enjoy this fabulous 1920's Bohemian beauty!

20 January 2009

Sassy Fringe...

I've said it before and will always repeat..."I Love vintage Czech jewelry, I love vintage Czech jewelry". I am amazed at the workmanship, the glass..everything! Let's not forget style. This beauty is sexy and sassy..great with jeans or if you want to dres it up. Here's to a good addiction!

BOYLE Antique & Vintage Jewelry

16 January 2009

OMG!...Extreme Earrings...

For those that tuned into the Golde Globes, you couldn't miss Kate Bekinsale's extreme "in" anytime! I'm sure hundreds of $$$! Why not go vintage...

Gorgeous vintage star sapphire dangle earrings...way more economical and you set your own style!

12 January 2009

Glam Vogue

I could stare at these old photos by John Rawlings all day. Something about the lighting, the syle...well..just about everything! So decadent and Vogue. Love the jewels!

I found the link to these photos on Live Journal and couldn't resist sharing them. Love the vintage jewels that just aren't made unique!

11 January 2009


I'll admit...I am a Czech jewelry fanatic. Not the new pieces, but the really old ones that aren't made any more. Take this gorgeous pink glass piece. All the factories that produced these fine pieces were turned into ammunitions factories during the World Wars. The art disappeared and though new pieces are being created, they can't compare to the quality of the Deco era pieces.

The colors are deep colors. Even though most of the pieces were glass, the quality is that of fine jewelry. The purple in this Czech necklace plus the marcasite is over the top!

10 January 2009

Choose One....

You can buy jewelry...but you choose an antique. In the sea of mass produced jewels of today, I find individualism in antique jewels. Take for instance this gorgeous real citrine and pearl necklace from 1900. You won't see this ever again...a one of a kind. Now isn't that what we all stive to achieve?

09 January 2009

Retro Chic Lives!

I'm always looking for something to throw over a pair of jeans and a T ...still feel comfortable and look put together. Ok...warm has something to do with that, too. I could go for a little flirty feminine top underneath as well. I found these great pieces at a fab vintage store NodtoMod. Don't you just love the individuality of vintage?

05 January 2009

Take Heed, Young Lady

There's something about an Edwardian lady that stands out. Perhaps it's their regality or their total attention to detail. It could be they are mindful of their appearance and stature. This beautiful French actress postcard says it all and can be found in a wonderful shop full of ephemera Vintage4U. Check them out for fabulous vintage finds! Love the embroidered top not to mention the classic pearl choker. Style!

01 January 2009

Reckless Abandonment!

Do everything in 2009 with reckless a kid again, enjoy everything around you and most of all...appreciate the ones you love. Love this photo! The young lady always enjoyed being in front of the camera and is now NodtoMod. Who would have thought?