OooLaLA!! Superb Deco Enamel Czech Necklace snowed another 6" of snow last night and I can't help but think "SPRING, PLEASE!!" This superb Art Deco Czech necklace sure does help transport my mind to a warmer time to come! This beauty has all the bells and whistles...long, colorful rhinestones and special swirled purple glass beads that alternate with opaque white beads. The pendant has a basket of enamel flowers with little jewels that just smack of spring, not to mention the dangling glass beads below. A true sign of a more expensive Czechoslovakia necklace is the intricate detail put into the enamel and metal work...right down to the connector of the double row glass chain. Who wouldn't want to usher in a little spring and do it in complete style? Love these old Bohemian Deco beauties!


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