30 December 2008

Be a Diva..Movie Star Nightgown!!

Who wouldn't want to feel like a diva movie star..especially in the evening...perhaps even Jean Harlow? Check out this fabulous 1930's nightgown offered from Vintage Clothiers on Etsy. Ooohhh baby, classic all the way...right down to the pearls!

29 December 2008

Pearls of Wisdom...Real or Not?

Luscious pearls are timeless...from brides through the ages to movie starlets right down to state dignitaries. All have chosen the classic pearl. Real or not? hmm...first test. If you rub the surface of the pearl over your teeth, a real pearl feels gritty while a faux pearl feels smooth.
One look at this Austro-Hungarian necklace, you just KNOW they're real...gorgeous!

28 December 2008

Civil War Era Snake Locket..Rare Fab!

Doctor? Perhaps. Gorgeous 1860's Victorian 10K gold locket & necklace. The symbol looks like an early caduceus but then again, the Victorians loved symbolism and the snake was everlasting. Fab no matter what!

23 December 2008

OooLaLA!! Superb Deco Enamel Czech Necklace snowed another 6" of snow last night and I can't help but think "SPRING, PLEASE!!" This superb Art Deco Czech necklace sure does help transport my mind to a warmer time to come! This beauty has all the bells and whistles...long, colorful rhinestones and special swirled purple glass beads that alternate with opaque white beads. The pendant has a basket of enamel flowers with little jewels that just smack of spring, not to mention the dangling glass beads below. A true sign of a more expensive Czechoslovakia necklace is the intricate detail put into the enamel and metal work...right down to the connector of the double row glass chain. Who wouldn't want to usher in a little spring and do it in complete style? Love these old Bohemian Deco beauties!

21 December 2008

So Dear 2 My Heart...Hearts galore!!

Hearts and more hearts!! From one of my fav sellers sodear2myheart this exquisite fringe bib necklace with oodles and oodles of puffy hearts along with glass beads that add standout color. If you want to get noticed, this is the real deal...vintage all the way! This lady has tons of unique "stuff" in her shop so click on over and take a will be pleasantly surprised! That's not all she offers either...lots of sterling silver, Victorian jewelry, Czech glass pieces just to name a few including a fab Irice perfume bottle..another favorite of mine? Now who wouldn't like to indulge themselves on something special?

Venetian Glass Beads..Wedding Cake!

There's nothing like a long strand of Art Deco Venetian glass beads! Luscious melon shaped beads with swirls of color running through them. Couple that with nuggets of aventurine goldstone beads, frosted flat beads and glass pearls. Now the best part? Large wedding cake glass beads...the old fashioned kind with pink rose glass swirls having cobalt blue petals and drizzles of gold glass...all on a white oval bead. You can even remove some of the beads and make a matching pair of earrings!! Now how cool is that? You can take a look at this gorgeous piece at boylerpf and other great pieces. Don't forget to become a watcher of this blog and be the first on some great deals!! Merry Christmas, y'all!!

20 December 2008

Soaps...Soaps & more Soaps!!

Cruising through Etsy trying to find something special for friends and family, I happened upon this fabulous shop CocoSavon. I ordered a couple of slices...and what a great way to label these beauties as they are definitely so delicious looking you want to eat them!! The package arrived and I have to tell you...IMPRESSIVE! I requested no super sweet know the kind you get at the local mall variety shops..and Coco Savon delivered with the promise. Nothing harmful in these bars either.. and did I mention...beautiful? This is her Peony Petals. Just a total slice of heaven! Check her out for anything to luxuriate in the bath!!

Crystal Rhinestone Czech Necklace..another FAV!

I love the honeycomb design in this fabulous Bohemian Czechoslovakia necklace. The crystal glows and it doesn't hurt to have the bezel set clear paste jewels surrounding the outside to really make this beauty shine! There is something about the old 1920's and earlier jewelry that just can't compare to today's costume jewels...they are soo fabulous!!
Here's a little special I am running for those who read this blog. You can get an extra 5% off your purchase in my shop boylerpf now through the end of December. Just mention that you read this promo on our blog. Easy peasy!! Perhaps Santa added a little bonus and you want to treat yourself to something super special! We'll keep you ahead of the new things coming with a sneak preview here!

18 December 2008

Crazy for Bohemian Czech Jewelry!!

Ok, I'll admit it...I am a fanatic about old Deco era Bohemian REAL Czech jewelry. The glass that was used back in the early 1900's is unsurpassed in today's time. I just listed this gorgeous signed Czechoslovakia necklace in my shop on Etsy and it happens to be one of my favorites. The purple is 2die4. Hmm...need to scrounge up some more of these fabulous 'em!

17 December 2008

Special of the DAY at boylerpf on ETSY

We just added this lovely 6 1/2 carat amethyst sterling silver Art Nouveau necklace to our shop boylerpf on Etsy. Check out the new listing and mention you read about our promotion on our blog and receive 5% off any purchase today! Something special to add to your collection!

ETSY Vintage Shop of the DAY

Ok...temps in this neck of the woods are in the area of -15 and snow everywhere! Yes, that is pretty cold so it wasn't hard for me to find the one thing is the featured shop of the day magoovintage! This gorgeous FAUX SEAL MILITARY COAT will certainly do the trick! And that's not all...the shop is full of great items to dress up the home in grand style. Click on over to the Etsy Vintage Steet Team blog and enter YOUR favorite item from magoovintage. You'll be right in the running for a $10 gift certificate for one of these great treasures. Hey...don't forget to check the blog every day...a shop a day is featured and lady luck may just be on your side!

15 December 2008

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Here are a few items from today's featured shop RetroThreads that just may fill that stocking perfectly!

14 December 2008

A few of the BEST vintage clothes from my favorite seller!!

We are so lucky to find some of these fabulous old Victorian pieces. The Victorians were very much into symbolism. Both sentimentality and symbolism were important elements of Victorian design. Jewelry could be read like books, the design telling of the giver's feelings or hopes. The horseshoe was for luck, the forget me not flower stood for remembrance, the diamond for constancy and the seed pearls were symbolic of tears. Imagine the story this beauty could tell! Don't foget to check out the Etsy Vintage Street blog and enter to win a $10 gift certificate from the featured shop. Our little shop will be the featured shop on December 30th...perfect to find that precious jewel that you didn't unwrap for the holidays!

07 December 2008

Gorgeous Bohemian pyrope garnet pendant from the Victorian era circa 1875. Just another great gift idea for the holidays or just for feeling extra special! Available in our shop on Etsy...great place for vintage finds!

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Great Vintage Goodies in our ETSY Shop